Get Ready To Laugh Until You Cry or Cry Until You Laugh

Did your family take the fun out of dysfunctional?

It’s time to see Randi Simon Lupo’s solo show.
Did you ever wait for that moment in your life, where you figure it all out? You overcome all your challenges. You become one with the universe, and everything works for you. You’ve arrived! And then you realize, that’s not reality, at least not my reality.

Sometimes I’m Ok” was written and is performed by Randi Simon Lupo, directed by Karen Case Cook, a New York Innovative Theatre Award Nominee, along with creative consultant Elizabeth Browning who is featured in “The Actor’s Guide To Qualified Acting Coaches: New York.”

Randi Lupo grew up in Brooklyn, one of four children, the daughter of a demanding father who was a lawyer driven by success and expected nothing less from his children. Randi’s mother valued beauty above all else and dressed her children to the nines, even at bedtime.

Randi was diagnosed with scoliosis as well as having multiple learning disabilities. She developed her own unique coping mechanisms and befriended her many therapists along the way.

When she became a young adult she met a rock n’ roll roadie but he wasn’t an ordinary roadie – he was well versed in comparative religions and the ways of the world.

An insightful and endearing story of a woman who dreams big and takes no prisoner.

Her show premiered to sold out audiences at the Producers Club in New York during a 5 show run in November of 2016. Building on this success she took her show to Freehold New Jersey to the Center Playhouse Theater for a 3 night run to capacity crowds during the summer of 2017.

She then took the show on the road to the tourist mecca of Cape May, where she wowed them at the Aerodrome Theater on the grounds of the Cape May County Airport.

In 2018 Ms. Lupo brought her show to the prestigious United Solo Festival at the Studio Theater of Theater Row on 42nd Street in New York City.

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